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This is our premium service, the client receives 100% 121 guidance all of the time and this is very flexible as your session times are arranged around your own schedule as much as possible.    

After an initial consultation and assessment we design a training plan that is best suited to achieve your goals such as, fat loss, increase strength and lean muscle, injury rehabilitation,  sports performance. 

What you gain from this package:

  • Consultation with your coach

  • Program design for both the training and nutrition

  • Nutritional education and support 

  • Continued interaction with your coach as you require

  • Periodic reviews on your progress

  • Body composition analysis and goal setting 



This is our most popular choice. It is a great cost effective alternative to 1:1 PT. The service provided is built on the same principles as 1:1 PT, the only difference being is that your sessions will be delivered within a small group setting, and your sessions are timetabled. You will still get a personalised program suited to you and still be coached through you session.

Semi - PT is a great option if you hate training alone and are looking to advance your training or, looking for someone to help guide you.

There is a minimum commitment of 2 sessions a week, meaning you can be guaranteed to see results.

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